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Important: This post contains/may contain affiliate links. At Live Well In The World, we have carefully chosen partnerships with Brands that are Eco-friendly and/or Sustainability Focused. They are Brands we trust, and fully endorse in good conscience. Please know that by clicking links provided and making purchases we may be compensated. We would advocate for these selections, even if you choose not to use our affiliate links, but we hope you choose to share the love, in the name of sharing & sustainability...

What Is Dropps??

Dropps brand provides eco-friendly laundry and home cleaning solutions delivered to your doorstep. This company helps save you money, water, & the Environment! You can Save 20% & get FREE Shipping with their completely customiz-able 'Wash Subscriptions'. 

Want to get rewarded for sharing a discount & helping the environment?

Me: Yes Please!

Dropps, By Far, has one of the best Referral Programs for spreading the good word to your friends an family. It's Sweet & Simple... like free laundry sweet.

  1.  You refer someone.
  2. They get a discount of $10, and you get a $20 off your next subscription renewal. 

Most of my laundry detergent purchased throughout the year is FREE because of their Referral Program. I use this program for my personal laundry detergent as well as for my massage therapy practice's detergent.


Wash Subscriptions 

Wash subscriptions can be customized, edited or paused at anytime.

When I moved, my laundry habits & washed subscription moved with me. I updated my address in my account, and realized that I wouldn't need a detergent delivery at my usual intervals. I paused one wash subscription for my business, and moved my personal delivery out until I knew I would need it again. Couple of clicks and Done! If you need more, or less, or laundry needs change, it is really that simple. 

Cut household & business expenses. Check! Shorter To-do List, Check!

I save money, time, and Never Ever, have to buy Bulky & Wasteful plastic bottles of detergent while out shopping. 

Convenience & Cost Aside - Natural Quality & Sustainability Take The Floor

All Pods; Laundry Detergent, Oxi-boosters, Dishwasher-soap etc... are:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Unscented, Sensitive Skin, & Baby safe options available.
  • All scents are light, natural and created with essential oils only. 
  • Products are all delivered in a Recyclable/Compostable cardboard box. 

Why We Choose Dropps: Sustainability Live Well Mission Compatibility

Dropps' Mission is focused on sustainability through prevention. Instead of trying to undo harmful practices, they prevent them in the first place by making the environment the top priority in sharing their quality products.

Dropps has partnered with Oceana, an international advocacy organization for Ocean Preservation to help educate consumers on how their actions and consumption habits directly impact the environment; awareness allows for consumers to make educated & better decisions for the future.


The mission of Dropps & the intention of their eco-partnerships, directly aligns this brand with Live Well In The World's Mission:

To create a more sustainable future through Awareness, Accessibility & Affordability.

Best Eco-Consumer Blog we have found. Packed full of helpful lifestyle changes, hacks, and resources. Looking for other ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Dropps Blog articles are an optimal resource!

Save Money, Time, Water and the Environment Today with Dropps!

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