Living Well In The World Starts with Friendship

Live Well Team

Who We Are & Why We Live Well In The World

Live Well In The World was founded by a friendship that shares a growing concern for the environment. Tricia & Dusti-Lee met sometime in the mid 2000’s in the Finger Lakes Region of NY. (though they are not sure exactly when they met). Tricia is studying environmental studies through SUNY Empire State College, and Dusti-Lee is a Licensed Massage Therapist in NY & MA. 

They were casual social friends at first. When their schedules aligned they decided to run errands together on off days. This included laundry & grocery shopping. Through quality talks on their weekly adventures they realized they had a common passion of environmental concern. Some of these discussions were about frustrations over employers & the community not fully participating in recycling, food waste, buying local, gardening & of course plastic waste.  

The Duo began reducing consumption on their Gal-Pal Errand Days by combining laundry in 55-lb energy efficient washers & dryers. Multiple loads turned into one large load, saving time, money, supplies, water & energy. The next switch was made from standard consumer laundry products to more eco-friendly options. Using Dropps laundry pods instead of the plastic bottles bought in stores. Dusti-Lee had used these in her massage practice. Tricia added organic wool dryer balls she had received in her Mighty Fix option of her Mighty Nest subscription. Not only were these small easy changes that merely took awareness, these changes made the friends curious & excited to find other small changes they could make in their lives to live more sustainable. 


Live Well In The World was born of friendship combined with a shared passion for the environment & accountability for small tangible changes. Live Well In The World is a movement of friendship with one another and with the World we live in.

Tree Hugging Trish

Currently, you can find the work of the Gal-Pal Duo in our Blog, Exclusive Facebook Group, and through the product selection of making small sustainable lifestyle changes in our Site’s Store. All continuing to the company’s Mission of creating a more sustainable future through small lifestyle changes.

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