Vision & Mission

Live Well Mission

Vision & Mission

Live Well In The World’s Vision

Our Vision is to live well in a world where individual consumer habits contribute toward social & environmental sustainability from the bottom-up paving the way for societies to make positive environmental changes of global impact that are sustainable for the future of us all. 

Live Well In The World's Mission

At Live Well In The World it is our Mission to help create a more sustainable future for the world and all that call it home. We do this through Awareness, Accessibility & Affordability. 


We believe through education and awareness of the impact  personal micro-changes (small changes in the everyday lives of many), that as a whole can make significant global progress in reducing the negative impact that waste of current consumer habits creates. This is similar to the concepts of micro-investing, or even a spare change jar. Individual annual spare change may not seem like much, a few hundred dollars or so, but when that jar includes the spare change of a larger population, tangible accumulation or impact is realized. Just as small percentages of interest may not seem like much in an individual financial account, it has realized value when we look at the collective interest of many accounts. 

By making products that are reusable, waste limiting, and eco-friendly both more Accessible & Affordable than current and more wasteful consumer trends, we allow the general population to make those micro-changes toward more sustainable lifestyles one small step at a time. 


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