Affiliates & Partnerships Disclosure

Live Well In The World Eco-Partnerships Disclosure

In accordance with FTC regulations, as well as our own ethical belief in transparency, we are providing this full affiliate disclosure.


Affiliate Disclosure

We want to inform you that when you shop these brands through the links we provide on product pages, our affiliate links, that we receive compensation for your purchases. When you make a purchase with our affiliate links, we often receive a commission that is regulated by an affiliate agreement we have with that brand or company.

By purchasing sustainable products through affiliate links, you are helping both organizations contribute to a more sustainable future. When clicking the links provided you will be redirected to the sites of these organizations and agree to abide by their policies and terms of service.

Concerns, Comments, & Suggestions

If at anytime you feel that a partner brand or product of an affiliate brand isn't in the best interest of Live Well In The World's Mission:

To help create a more sustainable future for the world and all that call it home through: Awareness, Accessibility & Affordability. 

Please send us a message with your concern: Contact Us

Likewise, please Contact US if there is a brand you would like to see us work with, including your own, we are more than happy to explore creative options to do so.

Helping You Living Well In the World Is Our Top Priority!

Partnerships for Sustainability

It is with great pride that we present offerings from eco-friendly companies. With sincere intention, we partner & affiliate with organizations whose visions and missions align with our own, leading toward a more sustainable future.

By clicking the links in our partnership & affiliate pages we want you to know you are shopping as an eco-friendly consumer with a brand we trust. Just as we have carefully selected these collaborations, please know that these brands have high standards of who they choose to work with.